2018モデル 詳細

  • Titanium GR5 tubular frame of 2,100kg weight.
  • Titanium screws and foot pegs supports (-500gr).
  • Magnesium swing arm with 1,600kg weight.
  • New crankcase design with new cooling system.
  • Injected clutch and ignition cover to reduce the weight.
  • New crankcase protector.
  • White TECH ALU front suspension.
  • Front works carbon protectors.
  • Adjustable suspension plates with more advance.
  • Reiger 3 way suspension.
  • New side protectors.
  • Special foot pegs.
  • Renthal handlebar and handlebar protector.
  • Adjustable gas cable.
  • Mechanized CNC aluminium adjustable brake handles in anodized red.
  • Mechanized wheel rim with X-Light tyres.
  • Ultimate generation brake system with red anodized covers.
  • Rear brake disc with FIM certification.
  • Rear wheel axis with acoplated eccentrics.
  • Customized stop system.
  • New decoration.
  • New radiator protector.
  • New injection system.
  • New plastics (airbox, rear mudguard).
  • New bike stand.
  • New kickstart pedal with a better performance during the starting process.
  • New crankcase design to improve the sealing of the cases.
  • Injected clutch and ignition cover to reduce the weight (-450gr.).
  • New ECU by GET to optimize start-up strategies.
  • Optimized geometry of the kickstart pedal to help the starting process.
  • New simplified main electrical harness.
  • Progressive lineal rocker system with optimized Reiger damper adjustment.
  • New seat post and rear mudguard.
  • New air filter cover.
  • Twin air filter.
  • New radiator grille to improve airflow and mud evacuation.
  • Renthal grips.
  • Reinforced sidestand.


COMBAT TITAN-R 250cc コンペ車
  希望小売価格 1,470,000円(税抜)1,587,600円(税込み)

COMBAT TITAN-R 250cc 保安パーツ付き車
  希望小売価格 1,510,000円(税抜)1,630,800円(税込み)

COMBAT TITAN-R 300cc コンペ車
  希望小売価格 1,490,000円(税抜)1,609,200円(税込み)

※価格は 2017年10月現在のものです
※別途販売店までの送料 10,000 円(税抜)が必要です。
※価格は、為替変動 価格高騰により予告なく変更いたします。(WEBでご確認ください)